'Hollow Cask' marks closure. A catharsis piece, it relives and releases a frequent experience of trauma from my childhood.
Recovery is a strange thing. For me, it used to be awkward checkouts of self help books at the library, secret community Facebook groups, and sombre phone calls to helplines on rough nights. Shame for something I could not control.
Involving myself in my art and creative writing has allowed me to recover a voice I lost while growing up. It is strong, and loud, and makes unabashed statements. "I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic Parent (ACOAP)" is one such example. This piece is my control.
The experiences of my childhood have shaped and still affect a lot of my outlook on life, and my relationships with others and with alcohol, especially while being in university, surrounded by quite an alcoholic culture. This piece encompasses the values of introspection, and learning to be able to look back, and vocalize difficult times in your life while still allowing yourself to grow and improve in the present. It is a statement. We are here. We are not silent.
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